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Tuesday, January 10, 2023


Sometimes we remember how great things were in the good ole days. Now things are different. Times change. People change. Things aren't the way they were before. We might find ourselves saying, we need to get back to the Bible, back to the word, back to the work of the Kingdom and then things will be better, like they were before. 

Not a bad idea. Every now and then we need to look at our today and think about where we want to be tomorrow. Have we arrived? Are we done? Or is there more still yet that God has tasked us with? 

I've seen progress made, and I feel there's progress needed, so let's keep moving forward. Let's keep building and rebuilding. Let's strengthen our faith, our community, our church. let's strengthen our relationships, our devotion, our commitment.

"Let us rise up and build!"

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