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Sunday, February 21, 2021

Uncomplicated Redemption

 Jesus challenges us in many ways.

His example of love and humility is inspiring and downright embarrassing. When I consider how much was given up and how much I’ve again, it’s truly an embarrassment of riches He has lavished upon us. To think that the debt that I’ve owed, the sins that I’ve committed, the separation from the Father I’ve pursued in the worship of self and idolatry can all be wiped out by the love of Jesus: “my cup overflows!” (Psalms 23:5).

His example of love and humility is one that I want to follow. I know how much I’ve been blessed by the Christians in my life. I know how much Christian love has changed the hearts and minds of those lost in sin, in such a way that a transformed life results in peace and kindness. I’ve seen people replace any number of vices with the love of Christ and know their Spiritual and eternal life is so much for the better because of it. Jesus brought people joy because in Him they could experience relief, forgiveness, and renewal.

His example of love and humility is one that I fail to fully embody like He did. Jesus’s love for people led Him to take action. Jesus loved people when it was hard. Jesus loved people it seemed no one else would. Jesus took the extra steps, went the extra miles, and even gave His life to show others His love. He forgave those that insulted Him, judged Him, and hurt Him. He still cared for those that mistreated Him and even those that sent Him to His death. Jesus willingly submitted, sacrificed Himself so that we could be forgiven. That’s love.

Jesus challenges us to love in ways that make us uncomfortable, to forgive those we hesitate to forgive, and to honor those we struggle to see as honorable. His example of love and humility leaves me speechless, but not hopeless. The challenge before us is in carrying on His mission and extending love, mercy, compassion, and the Gospel to all.

How has the Gospel changed you?

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