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Monday, December 28, 2020


 With some of the major holidays behind us, I can’t help but look forward a bit. No one could have predicted how this year has gone so I won’t pretend to know much about what is ahead. No predictions from me on when we are back to normal, or what that normal is. I won’t try to give you a date or any other guesses, but I won’t let that stop me from guessing there’s ways God is still planning to use our ministries here at Lakeview.

As I look forward a bit, I start to get excited and my mind will race at the possibilities. Whether we are talking about mission efforts, cards and mailers, new classes and Bible studies, or service opportunities in our community, I see so much potential for what is next for us. Sometimes I have to take a moment to just step back and wait for things to work out in God’s time, and other times it seems like there’s enough time for waiting already, it’s time to start doing!

Well, with anything new, it’s going to be different. Doing something new or different can be uncomfortable. Sometimes, I need to push through the discomfort to see the blessing God is giving when I serve. Doing something new or different can be challenging. My prayer is that God will give me the growth I need to rise to the challenge, rather than taking the easy way out when things start to get tough.

When new and different don’t compromise the Gospel message, let us run with endurance towards the prize. Let us be cautious, yes. New doesn’t always mean better. Different doesn’t always mean right. But if God is leading us towards serving Him in some new way, let us not follow the example of Jonah who ran from his call. No, let us follow in the steps of Peter who recognized God’s power working in the lives of the Gentiles and welcomed them into the family of God. Jonah resisted bringing the message to a new land and a new people. Peter saw God working, and preached the Gospel.

So, let us ask ourselves then: “What am I resisting that could be God calling?” or “What is God trying to do through me that I just don’t see?” or “Where is there more room for ministry in my life?”

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