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Sunday, August 2, 2020

The Kingdom is Like

The next parable we will review from Matthew 13 gives us another picture of the Kingdom of God. Here, Jesus paints the picture of a garden and in it, a man has planted the smallest of seeds. The seed doesn't stay small though. It grows and grows, large enough that it can support birds nesting in its branches. 

Jesus compares the Kingdom of God to this small seed. It is something that starts from the humblest beginnings but in the end, the Kingdom breaks out of these small confines and stretches out well beyond almost anyone's expectations.

The Kingdom of God in the next chapter in the story God's working to reconcile humanity back to Himself. It is promised by God and predicted by His prophets. Jesus's ministry begins with Himself and then a small band of believers. But it doesn't stay small. It soon grows beyond the borders of Israel, and the message spreads out across the whole world!

But wait, there's more! The Kingdom of God also grows within you. The seed of faith is planted in your heart. For some, it will sadly stay small. For others, the Word of the Lord takes root and out of this small seed an enormous, life-changing influence forms. God's kingdom rule  slowly transforms the believer from one that leads a sinful life, to one that submits to God in humble repentance, pleading for mercy, longing for grace, and striving to live a life of truth. 

You may have this tiny mustard seed of faith within you, that you feel like hasn't grown like it needs to. Your heart may be lacking good soil, the kind that is fertile, broken, and ready for change. If so, I pray that you let God work on your heart this morning that the Kingdom of God may grow in you and flourish! Indeed, we all need to grow.

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