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Monday, June 8, 2020

Foundations - Accountability

Welcome back! Though hopefully many of us never left, we were separated in body but together in spirit. I am still praying for the end of the pandemic and for healing to all. I know that for some it is best to remain at home while we wait for the tide to turn. For others, we take precautions to keep one another healthy and safe. This morning, we will continue our series in "Foundations of Faith" as we examine what "Accountability" means. Just as we try to keep one another safe physically, accountability means that we will strive to keep one another safe spiritually. The last several lessons have dealt with the idea of God as our loving, caring, and compassionate Creator. Unfortunately, it is far too easy twist these ideas into something they are not. Paul fought against the idea that God's grace meant sin would be welcomed back. So did Jude. So did Peter as well. God being loving and forgiving does not mean that He expects we should remain in our sinful life. Instead, the loving relationship we have for our God who saved us from our sins and gives us every blessing should lead us to growth and change. What happens though when my sin is too great for me to even see it? What happens when I allow my sin to flourish and it starts affecting those around me? What happens when my sin impacts not only my relationship with Jesus but also with my fellow Christians? Today we will ask ourselves, are we humble enough to accept correction or are we instead asking others to accept our sin?

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