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Sunday, May 31, 2020

Foundations - Justice

The Bible tells us that God is a just God. But what does that mean? What does justice look like? Where can I find it?

Many people, prophets, and kings have tried to define justice on their own terms. God gives us a picture of justice in His word. There we find a paring of "justice" with "righteousness" as a way of describing not only the moral character of an individual or adherence to ritual acts of worship, but also how that individual relates to everyone around them.

We see a positive picture of doing justice in Job and we see Isaiah calling out the injustices in the nation of Israel. How do we apply these warnings and examples to our lives today so we can be not only a people of love, compassion, and seeking God but also a people of justice.

I hope you can join us this morning as we continue try to understand our God better and better understand justice and righteousness!