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Sunday, May 17, 2020

Foundations - Building Intentionally

In this "Foundations" lesson, we will take a moment to examine the importance of being intentional in how we choose to build up from our foundational understandings of God. Each of us already have a picture of God in our minds. He is a loving, caring, and just Creator God who redeems us through His Son. But could it be that I have a picture of God that isn't revealed in the Word and instead come from someone else's distorted view of God? I won't claim that my view of God is complete or perfect or finished, but what I want to do to today is open the door to questioning humbly what else I have left to learn about God. Our Bible is full of examples of people that have acted in a way that is contrary to the revealed Word of God. Their build a god for themselves that allows them to exalt themselves above everyone else and allows them to live a life of disobedience. God being loving, caring, and forgiving doesn't mean that we ignore what He requires of us. It means that we respond in kind, with loving submission that leads us closer to Jesus. I hope you can join us for worship this morning and I pray that as you go out into the world bearing the image of God, that the image you bear is one that truly reflects the character we are called to have!