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Sunday, April 19, 2020

Sermon On The Mount - Judge Not!

Today we look at a simple phrase in its larger context. It's so easy and tempting to just look at one verse or even just a few words from the Bible and ignore the larger context. Well-meaning people want to simplify the text to make it easier to understand, but we always run the risk of changing the meaning when we isolate words and phrases away from the larger passage. Today we look at Jesus's teaching not to judge. How can Christians relay what the Bible teaches as right and wrong if Christians cannot recognize right from wrong? What we'll see today is that instead of casting all forms of judgement into the fire, Jesus is condemning a specific kind of judgmental attitude. He replaces it with one of loving care, that guides a wayward soul back to the truth. I hope you can join us this morning and each week as we study God's Word and try to learn how best to apply it to our lives.

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